PRS saved over 7,114 tonnes of CO2 in 2019

PRS saved over 7,114 tonnes of CO2 in 2019
PRS saved over 7,114 tonnes of CO2 in 2019

The plastic repair company helped to reuse more than 1,620 tonnes of plastic last year.

Plastic Repair System 2011, SL (PRS) repaired in 2019 almost 100,000 items made of plastic. By avoiding the disposal and substitution of those products, PRS achieved a retention of over 7,114 tonnes of CO2, which other alternatives different from repairing, such as recycling, burning or burying would have emitted. This means a 2.8% increase in the savings of CO2 compared to the preceding year.

PRS is a pioneer circular economy company which specializes in the repair of returnable transport packaging (RTP), such as pallets, containers, crates and boxes used by different industrial sectors. Plastic Repair System has its own patented and certified repairing method which is currently the most economical and sustainable solution on the market to manage and maintain this type of packaging.



Focusing its activity on Circular Economy, PRS shows a strong commitment to the environment and, as a result, it has recently joined the initiative Lean & Green, a program which shelters the largest European collaboration platform aimed to reduce the emissions related to the supply chain. With this adhesion, PRS has committed to prepare an action plan to reduce their CO2 emissions.

PRS also received the highest environmental recognition in Spain, the European Environmental Award in 2018, and was also awarded a runner-up at the European stage. This year it has received the Socially Responsible SME award in Navarre given by Banco Santander and the Spain Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to the service provided by PRS, companies recover their damaged plastic objects, with about 70% cost savings as compared to their replacement and a CO2 emission 187 times smaller than recycling them, and all this certifying at least 98% of their original strength and 100% of their functionality. Consequently, PRS lengthens the lifespan of all those items.



Plastic Repair System 2011 S.L. is a pioneer company with 9 years of experience in the repair of plastic items. With a net of nearly 20 workshops in Spain and a subsidiary in Mexico, PRS provides service to clients from 5 different countries.