PRS collaborates with Aenor Publisher in the “Practical guide to implement the Circular Economy in the smes”

Plastic Repair System 2011 SL has recently collaborated with Sustainnand Aenor Publisher in the book “Practical guide to implement the Circular Economy in the smes” where his circular economy model is explained with some others as Eko-REC, Agralco Scoop and Ternua Group.

The guide address the most important concepts related to the circular economy and the different circular economy models It also exposes a methodology to make the transition from a lineal model to a circular one. The main objective is to help the organisations to establish a development strategy for a sustainable growth to be profitable in the long term, leaving behind the “extract-manufacture- use-waste” dynamic. Increasingly the lack of resources is generating conscientious consumers and committed companies with a more circular business model. For further information clickhere.

Environmental commitment

Plastic Repair System, member of the Lean & Green platform, is a company that supports sustainability, helping other companies to save plastic and to reduce their carbon footprint. The CO2 emission when repairing a plastic container or a plastic pallet is 187 times less than recycling it. Just in 2019 PRS repaired more than 100.000 products, what it means more than 1.600 tonnes of plastic recovered and a retention of Co2 of more than 7.100 tonnes of CO2.

International vocation

Plastic Repair System 2011 S.L. is a pioneer company with an experience of 10 years repairing plastic goods. The company has a network of 12 workshops in Spain and a subsidiary in México, working for 5 different countries. It should be noted that this project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No nº 880032.Collaboration with AENOR