Plastic Repair System achieves in 2020 a saving of more than 8,504 tons of CO2 and the recovery of more than 1,937 tons of plastic

The multinational Plastic Repair System 2011SL has achieved in 2020 a saving of more than 8,504 tons of CO2 and the recovery of more than 1,937 tons of plastic. The company is a specialist in repairing returnable plastic packaging used by the industrial sector, such as pallets, boxes or containers. These figures support its own technology, developed and patented by the company, which manages to repair these products, recovering 100% of their functionality and at least 98% of their resistance. The PRS system is considered the best and most reliable on the market for the repair and maintenance of plastic elements, from an economic and environmental point of view. Thanks to the repairs carried out by Plastic Repair Sytem, its customers benefit from 70% savings and a CO2 emission 187 times lower than that generated in recycling, the next most sustainable alternative.

The revolutionary heat-welding repair method with the addition of high-density virgin material has made it possible for PRS to have achieved significant economic growth and received various awards. It is worth highlighting the European Prize for the Environment and a second prize in the European phase, two awards that recognize the company’s innovative commitment to provide a quality solution to the important problem of plastics. Both awards are the highest national and European distinctions in environmental matters.

Commitment to innovation and commitment to the environment

Since its creation, the company has been committed to innovation. It is currently developing and implementing two R&D projects based on the automation of repairs with its clients. These are two products whose repair was not feasible up to now, due to their size, price and / or composition. Specifically, one of the projects is being carried out with products made of polycarbonate, a very difficult material to recycle.

The company has ISO 9001 for quality and 14001 for the environment. In addition, it is a member of Lean and Green, the largest and most relevant European collaboration platform aimed at reducing emissions associated with the supply chain. PRS is working on an action plan to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in a maximum period of 5 years.

Plastic Repair System works for clients in 5 different countries, it has a network of about 14 workshops in Spain and a subsidiary in Mexico. In 2021 it plans to open its own delegation in Seville and the opening of a new subsidiary in another European country. In addition to being a 100% circular economy company, Plastic Repair System collaborates with special employment centers, directly influencing the CSR of its clients.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 880032.

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