Mission, vision and values


To increase business interest in the maintenance and repair of plastic objects in order to contribute towards a socially and environmentally sustainable economic model whilst offering a personalized and high quality service.

Vision and values

The vision of Plastic Repair System is ‘to be the company recognized as a leader in the repair and maintenance of plastic objects’. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed key values that are manifested in each of our activities:

  • An orientation towards our client’s needs and preferences, creating a significant cost reduction and increasing efficiency.
  • Maintaining the highest levels of quality in our services and products.
  • Respecting the environment. PRS strives to minimize waste and reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Creating value for society in general through corporate social responsibility practices, such as support for people with disabilities regarding their social inclusion, through their work for our network of authorized workshops.
  • Focus on obtaining solid results.
  • Easy accessibility to our services, expanding our network of authorized repairers.
  • Focus on excellence and continuous improvement.

PRS’s quality and environmental policy (spanish).