What can we help you with?

What types of plastic are repaired by Plastic Repair System?

Plastic Repair System repairs, maintains and modifies any object made of plastic, for both businesses and individuals.

What damages does Plastic Repair System repair?

Tears, breaks, holes, leaks, missing legs, broken skates or hinges,etc. Plastic Repair System repairs small imperfections as well as severe damage and offers a solution tailored to every need. We also strengthen weak points in the plastic structure to avoid future damage and adapt standard plastic objects to your need.

What solutions does Plastic Repair System offer?

The solution depends on the type of damage and the client’s needs:

  • Repair through our patented and certified welding technique
  • Repair or replacement of parts (legs, skates, hinges, etc.)
  • Strengthening weak points to avoid future damage
  • Adapt standard plastic objects to meet the client’s needs

Plastic Repair System’s technical department has gained vast experience and is able to design tailored solutions and develop a solid maintenance and repair plan for each client.

What benefits do I get when choosing Plastic Repair System?

Choosing PRS means:

  • An extension of the product life cycle of your plastic objects. Plastic Repair System recovers 100% of your object’s functionality and at least 98% of its original strength.
  • A cost reduction of approximately 70% compared to replacement by new items
  • Nationwide coverage in Spain through our extensive network of authorized repairers.
  • An important contribution to environmental conservation.
  • Supporting disabled people in their quest for labor and social inclusion.

Every day we provide a personalized and high quality service. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority.

How much can I save with Plastic Repair System?

This depends on the type and amount of objects that need repair. Repairing plastic objects saves most clients approximately 70% compared to replacement by new items.

Where are the objects repaired?

Ideally the repairs are carried out in one of our workshops where all facilities, technology and tools are available.

However, when transporting your items to one of our workshops is not possible, we will travel to your company/home with our mobile repair unit.

Can I join your network of Authorized Workshops?

Yes, you can! If you are interested in opening your own Authorized Workshop, click here for more information.

Where is Plastic Repair System located?

You can find our headquarters in Polígono Industrial Talluntxe II, Calle N, naves 18 y 20, 31192 Tajonar (Navarra).

At this moment we have 26 Authorized Workshops nationwide. See the map here