Corporate social responsibility

Changing the world begins with yourself. For this reason, at Plastic Repair System we have created a corporate culture based on basic principles such as social responsibility, sustainability and honesty. We are determined to promote our new method and business model, so that more industrial companies can contribute to a better future.

Our commitment to the environment

Plastic Repair System is part of the circular economy movement; an economic concept that promotes effective use of resources to limit environmental impact. Repairing and reusing plastic objects result in a significant reduction in waste and a smaller carbon footprint. Choosing Plastic Repair System is a decision that favors the environment.

Our commitment to society

At Plastic Repair System we feel we have a responsibility towards our community. Our commitment to society is focused on creating a more equal community. Through a wide network of authorized repairers, Plastic Repair System helps disabled persons in their search for employment, thus improving their quality of life.

Our commitment to our clients

Our clients are at the beginning and end of everything we do. Your satisfaction is our priority. To meet this challenge, Plastic Repair System:

  • Always maintains a personal approach and transparent communication
  • Finds solutions tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Offers high quality service at the best possible price