About us

Plastic Repair System, leader in repair, maintenance and modification of plastic objects and components.

What do we do?

Since its founding in 2011, Plastic Repair System (PRS) is a circular economy company dedicated to the repair and maintenance of any object made of plastic. 

The innovative certified and patented PRS method is based on a welding technique with high density virgin material. It’s currently deemed to be the best repair system on the plastic repairing market.

PRS method guarantees 100% recovery of the object’s functionality (its water tightness, its original shape, etc.) and at least 98% of its original strength.

PRS exclusively manufactures his own welding thread with high density virgin material and an own formulation, which enables to truly guarantee PRS reparations. Also, the thread is manufactured with a safe food use material, in accordance with European standards.

Plastic Repair System gives your plastic objects and components a second life.

How do we distribute our services?

To give an accessible and quick service, Plastic Repair System has a wide network of authorized repairers that provide nationwide coverage and in 2019 we started our internasionalization process with a new subsidiary in Puebla, México.

We also have mobile units to our disposal for the repair of objects that cannot be transported to one of our workshops.

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Why choose PRS?

Discarding broken objects and replacing them with new ones is costly and damaging to the environment.

Choosing PRS means:

  • An extension of the product life cycle of your plastic objects
  • A cost reduction of approximately 70% in comparison to the purchase of new items
  • An important contribution to environmental conservation
  • Supporting workers with disabilities in their quest for social and labor inclusion

Every day we aim to provide a personalized and high quality service. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority.

Who is behind PRS?

PRS consists of a large professional team, led by engineers specialized in the repair and maintenance of plastic materials.

Our Research & Development department regularly studies and tests new materials, continuously improving and obtaining better results in our repair and maintenance work.

Many years of work and a vast portfolio of industrial clients have provided us a level of knowledge that positions us as market leader.

In addition, our HR department is dedicated to the recruitment and training of a growing team of skilled welders who are able to apply our method, reaching the high quality standards tailored to the demands of our clients.

All our engineers and welders are dedicated to offer our clients customized solutions that meet their specific needs, in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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